Verified BCBA Course Sequence

Pre-approved by the ABAI as meeting the BACB's 4th Edition Task List requirements.

Self-paced program. Go at your own pace. No deadline to finish the course.

Flexibility. No semester or cohort deadlines.Work on your schedule. No required specified meeting times.

Get only the content hours you need. We offer graduate level professional development credit courses that only provide the BCBA content you need.

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Our Verified Six Course Sequence meets the BCBA 4th Edition Task List Requirements and is completely online and self-paced, so you can start immediately!

BCBA exam preparation support - study guides provided once completed with the coursework.

As of January 13th, all new students will be given the opportunity to transition to the Brandman 5th Task Edition Course ABAI VCS Sequence upon release in July 2020.

College of Applied Human Services E-Learning COVID 19 Response: In order to support our current students and prospective students, the COAHS team will be offering access to our BCBA and QASP courses for just a small down payment to begin. This will allow everyone sheltering in place to use this time to continue to work on their ABAI pre-approved BCBA courses and/or their QABA pre-approved QASP-S coursework. No other coupon codes or offers can be used in addition to the codes below. This down payment is nonrefundable. Students will have up to six months from date of down payment to complete each course and pay the remainder of the course tuition in full.We will be providing the coupon codes below to all students and prospective students until otherwise notified during this time of “social distancing,” “self quarantine,” and “shelter in place”.BCBA 45 hr. Course Code: jxu3r ($375 down payment due immediately per course. $600 due within six months to complete payment for each course. The code is only good for one course at a time).QASP-S 188 hours Coursework: 7yx3k ($350 down now - $1150 due within six months)Certificates of completion for QASP and official transcripts for BCBA courses from Brandman University will not be available until each course is paid in full. Any questions can be directed to our support team or our ABA Director, Carolyn Baham.Stay safe and healthy during this unprecedented time.CoAHS team

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